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The world wouldn’t know until we work for it! Global Book Marketing is a platform where marketing experts build bridges by professional marketing tools and bring an author’s dream of their book publicity into reality!


Global Book Marketing

Over the years, Global Book Marketing has topped the industry of book marketing by the combination of its expertise and knowledge. With such an experience and skill-set, Global Book Marketing vows to practice result-driven methods and processes.

Online Reach Media Coverage

Publicity secured through media coverage entails radio and TV interviews, Radio and podcast interviews, Reviews, stories and author features in trade magazines and Newspapers, press releases and online coverage. Internet media coverage, blogs and articles, is an ideal complement to traditional media because when a book or writer is highlighted on the web, that coverage for all intents and purposes never disappears! A novel highlighted online can assist with building a considerable fanbase, just as an article featuring a book can be re-purposed and once again distributed endlessly. Similarly, interviews and print stories give incredible material to increase your audience on social media platforms.

Extensive list of personal contacts developed over the years – combined with a state-of-the-art media database – enables us to effectively pitch and persuade media to take interest in our clients and their books.

With Global Book Marketing and book publicity services, you’ll get a team that zeroes in on the most compelling aspects of the book and use angles and proven book marketing and Ebook Publicity tactics to secure media exposure. Our team will be your author’s strategist, promoter, organizer, media trainer, and cheerleader

Our Book Publicity

Accomplishing Dreams


Understanding your Requirements

Understanding your requirements and aligning ourselves on the same page as yours is our top most priority. This is to ensure no loophole is left. Moreover, your desires are our responsibility.


Producing a customized Strategy

Once the requirements and boundaries of the client and their book are carefully understood, our marketing specialists move towards the next step: devising a customized strategy. The book publicity plan includes several services, some of which are original reviews, press releases, sell sheets and approaching the media directly.


Result Oriented Execution

Once a pre-calculated book publicity plan is devised and is approved by the author, we execute it accordingly. Through years of professional experience, each step we take guarantees success!


24/7 Customer Support Available

Whether it’s a query or a follow up regarding the progress of your customized plan, our customer support is readily available.


Global Book Marketing’s Publicity Plan

At Global Book Marketing, our expert marketers pitch leading publications to feature you, and engage you as an author in Book Fairs, and Book Awards. Furthermore, we organize Book Launch events to maximize publicity. Being the leading Marketers in the industry, we coordinate and arrange interviews and podcasts to boost the book publicity process.


“If you love the work you do, others will too!”
Global Book Marketing

One of the most effective marketing tactics is to have original book reviews, written thoughtfully, and ensuring it provides every reader the insight they need. Global Book Marketing collaborates with famous and valuable book bloggers, reviewers, writers and influencers to generate the required target audience and market your book!

What we do for your


At Global Book Marketing, we recognize potential, and ensure the world recognizes it too! We provide a list of services to transform this dream to reality:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Maximizing Goodreads
  • Amazon optimization
  • Website review and analysis
  • Effective social media tactic
  • Book Award Entries
  • Interviews and Media outreach
  • Magazine and Newspapers
  • Broadcast Campaign

WITH Global Book Marketing


We help authors in getting their work acknowledged. Create a fan base, receive real reviews from actual readers, obtain excellent media coverage, boost sales, and get the word out about your work!

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What makes Global Book Marketing stand apart?

So whether it is an autobiography, a self-help book, a business publication, or a work of fiction, we have got you covered!